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Macroeconomics View On The Government Involvement In The Economy - 1650 Words

Macroeconomics: View On The Government Involvement In The Economy (Other (Not Listed) Sample) Content: Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Macroeconomics Macroeconomics is an analysis of the economy by considering factors of the internal and external environment. Various scholars including Maynard Keynes and Hayek F. A, advance the concept of macroeconomics. These well-renowned economists provide divergent views on the ways of dealing with economic problems. They base their arguments on different ideologies including the involvement of the government in the economy, as well as the influences developed by the government involvement in economic activities. This analysis focuses on the concept outlined by economists, as well as their inferences on the government’s role in the minimum wage. View on the government involvement in the economy The actions involving government interference in economic activities has both positive and negative effects. Government involvement in economic activities can involve ways such as the subsidization of the prices of goods and services and provision of incentives to the local industries. These involvement techniques take on various effects to both the consumers and the sellers. As posited by F.A Hayek, government involvement in the economy, as well as economic activities, has very little influence on the economy. Hayek believes that the government activities have less noticeable effects on the economy, as the economy operates under its policies (Kirzner 226). He considers the economy as a separate entity, which cannot be influenced by interactions with the government, but rather by the market forces of demand and supply. Keynes, on the other hand, provides that the government can influence the economy through various activities. Keynes provides that through the invisible hand, the government control factors of the economy. This behavior aims at protecting the consumer and protecting local industries. Additionally, Keynes provides that the government create a conducive environment that encourages an increase in the demand trends by consumers. Strategy to deal with recession or depression The recession is a situation that arises due to the fall in the revenue for the government. In this situation, the economy experiences a deficit in the money supply, where the available funds in circulation are less compared to the expenditure rate. Both Hayek and Keynes have differing ideologies of dealing with this situation. Hayek believes that the economy corrects itself, to achieve sustainability (Kirzner 227). According to him, people should suffer under the situation, which will encourage them to participate in economic activities to help them improve their lives. This will have a resultant effect of a stable economy. Keynes believes that during the recession, the government needs to intervene to improve the economy. The government can employ techniques such as increasing its expenditure and reduce the taxes. This will increase the money supply in the economy, thus contributing to the stability of the business. Risks associated with government intervention Hayek presents a more relaxed approach when exploring the activities and trends in the economy. He believes that too much government involvement or also, little of it does not influence the individuals. He, therefore, presents that individuals are solely responsible for their decisions and that their choices have consequential effects on the various effects it causes on their economic status. Keynes theory focuses on the involvement of the government in the economy, to increase stability and encourage growth. To him, less government involvement affects various factors of the economy including the national debt. He portrays that too much government spending can cause an increase in the national debt. He perceives that the government borrows funds to finance its economic activities and if the spending is too much, the national debt will continue to rise. Economic Policy Economic policies involve the economic endeavors taken by the country to solve a particular issue in the economy. For instance, the country can decide to create possible means of raising the minimum wage of its citizens. The policy can incorporate the means of minimizing the unemployment rates in the country (Levin-Waldman 99). This policy is influential as the government seeks to increase the minimum wage by encouraging full employment. As the government seeks to achieve this objective, it needs to involve itself in the economy and take part in the economic processes. Therefore, this behavior is attributed to the concept developed by Keynes, who provides that the government can control activities of the economy by taking part in the economic activities of the nation (Jahan, et al., 64). Thus, this policy is built on the theory developed by Keynes. The policy influences various aspect of personal satisfaction. The current wage rate attained from the businesses is only enough to help them meet their necessities. Businesses provide minimal instances of excess income, resulting in healthy expenditure behaviors. This policy seeks to identify the various easy of interacting and improving the minimum wage to increase income gained by individuals (Dietrich 61). This will increase the spending habits, thus increasing satisfaction in individuals. In my view, I believe that an increase in the minimum wage rate influences the behavior of a person to purchase. It will also improve the economic status of individuals, which ...

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Marketing Research Tools Essay - 1310 Words

Marketing Research Tools Once a decision is made to use marketing research, management goals and objectives determine the type of selection methods used. There are a wide range of market research tools and methods available to decision makers. Depending on the goals and objectives of the company, researchers have many options. Some of the research tools include mail and web surveys, personal interviews, and focus groups. This paper will discuss and differentiate among the various tools used in primary and secondary research as well as discuss the differences when using qualitative and quantitative approaches. This paper will further identify which tools are used for each approach and why. The primary purpose of marketing research tools†¦show more content†¦Observation methods involve giving researchers an opportunity to interpret data from respondents with no direct contact when direct questioning is not available. Observing behavior is an integral and important part of research design which includ es casual and systematic observation. Casual observation methods observe such variables as competitor’s pricing, length of lines for sale items, or advertising activity (Aaker, Kumar Day, 2007). Systematic observation is often used to supplement other methods and may include noting the â€Å"type, condition, and size of the residence, the respondent’s race, and the type of neighborhood† (Aaker, Kumar Day, 2007). Examples of observational research may be â€Å"in-store traffic patterns or traffic passing a certain point on a highway system† (Aaker, Kumar Day, 2007). Secondary Research Despite the benefits of primary research, secondary research is a viable solution for companies with limited resources. Secondary data may often save company significant time and money. Primary research may be addressed once research has been collected after gaining insight from data collected from secondary research. It is beneficial to gather information that already exists from data like statistics, reports etc. Secondary data may be collected from data bases, industry and trade journals, as well as from on-line sources. A company may obtain sales, profits, and other information from government releasedShow MoreRelatedMarketing Research Tools Essay1198 Words   |  5 PagesMarket Research Tools Marketing research is primarily focused on two categories of research: primary and secondary. These two forms of research provide insight into the driving source of the business, consumer behavior and attitudes, and possible pitfalls to the business. Secondary research provides knowledge gathered from within the business or already published information from outside of the business. Primary data is collected with specific purpose of creating a marketing strategy for the businessRead More Marketing Research Tools Essay example1410 Words   |  6 PagesMarketing Research Tools Before launching or expanding a business venture, there needs to be an understanding of the industry, its competitors, and its customers. Market research is vital in assisting companies in the decision-making process and their marketing direction. Data from marketing research is important because it provides companies with ways to identify opportunities, identify market potential, minimize chances of loss, devise effective marketing strategies, gauge customer satisfactionRead MoreMarketing Research Tools Essay1277 Words   |  6 PagesMarketing Research Tools Strategic and tactical decisions need to be made when an organization needs to achieve the objectives of the research. Market research is a strategic step in determining the best solution for discovering opportunities and acquiring clients. This is the first critical step in the marketing department that creates a foundation for what a company needs to research to identify what opportunities are given and what steps need to be taken to achieve the goals. The process providesRead MoreMarketing Research Tools Essay1215 Words   |  5 PagesMarketing Research Tools As a team of six investigating how to overcome the four different research tools, many ideas will flow through to allow the reader to get the most out of what is being taught. The team wants for the reader to indulge themselves in a company who will compare and contrast the selected tools available. Team C will choose to show the reader that tool is the most applicable and which tool is the least applicable. With this to be read and evaluated the team asks the readerRead MoreMarketing Research Tools Paper1080 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Methodologies Many companies use different research tools when conducting primary and secondary research. This paper will discuss the several research tools used and discuss the differences in primary and secondary research when using qualitative and quantitative approaches. Once that has been established, there will be discussion as to which tools are used for each approach and why. Primary Research Primary research also called field research is the most common approach. Primary researchRead MoreEssay about Marketing Research Tools1167 Words   |  5 PagesMarket Research Tools An organizational problem must be identified prior to beginning the market research process. In most cases, a problem is a research opportunity for product improvement or the launch of a new product. The first critical step of the marketing process involves how the research problem is defined by specifying the research objectives; identifying the consumer population of interest, and placing the problem in an environmental context. The very next step is to determine the researchRead MoreMy Key Responsibilities At Genesis Software Solutions1132 Words   |  5 Pagesadministration Company/Employer name: Genesis Software Solutions Supervisor Name and Title: Srikanth Kalepu Project Title: Marketing CPT INTERNSHIP REPORT SUMMER MAY2014-AUGUST2014 NORTHWESTERN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Project Overview : My key responsibilities at Genesis Software Solutions Inc., as marketing analyst were to analyze the pros and cons of launching a new marketing campaign proposed by the company. To identify market opportunities and company’s needs I first met with the subjectRead MoreTourism New Zealand : An International Visitor Destination Essay1117 Words   |  5 PagesOrganistaion which is responsible for marketing a country (I.e. New Zealand) to tourists. They are publically funded government agencies that promote and market a country which is usually directed at inbound tourists. Tourism New Zealand is a crown entity responsible for marketing New Zealand as an international visitor destination. It owns the 100% Pure New Zealand brand, under which the global campaign is managed. Tourism New Zealand follows up that marketing message by providing quality informationRead MoreMarket Research1278 Words   |  6 PagesMarket research has proven to be a vital piece of successful business plans today. It has revolutionized the way companies go to business. This paper will reflect the importance of market research along with challenges it continues to face. There are a number of benefits that market research provide to companies doing business in todays very competitive market place. I have seen first hand in my company how they utilize market research to determine how we go to market with existing productsRead MoreEssay on Sperry/MacLennon Architects and Planners1132 Words   |  5 PagesGlobal Market Research Case Study Analysis: Sperry/MacLennon Architects and Planners The firm, Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners, is a successful Canadian enterprise. The company has sustained itself for many years since its inception in the 1970s; it has survived slow periods, and overall has been successful for many years. The company is at a crossroads and is ready to consider new business endeavors and developments. It is considering expanding its operations to the United States;

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Epic Hero In Beowulf - 885 Words

A character that conquers evil, exemplifies bravery and is personified as a cultural legend can be considered an epic hero. An epic hero is someone who is noble and brave and accomplishes heroic acts that define their legacy while suffering an internal conflict. An embodiment of an ideal epic hero is Beowulf from the epic Beowulf who sets an unmatched example as an epic hero due to the fact that he displays a great deal of bravery, overcomes evil, and stands as a cultural legend while fighting with internal conflict. Beowulf’s journey as an epic hero involves killing demons and their moms along with protecting his kingdom by fighting a fire breathing poisonous dragon. Most epic heroes have an internal struggle that comes up throughout†¦show more content†¦The killing of Grendel is very significant especially in regards to Beowulf’s legacy as a warrior due to the fact that before Beowulf no one was brave enough to stop Grendel, as a result of Beowulfs bravery he was awarded many treasures by King Hrothgar. All is good and well in the land of Danes until Grendel’s mother decides she wants to avenge her son by terrorizing the mead hall. As a result, Grendel’s mother ends up killing more citizens but fled upon seeing warriors. Beowulf finds Grendel’s mother in an underwater cave and battles her until he finally defeats her and arose victoriously. After Beowulf establishes his presence as a brave young warrior he returns home and after a series of events becomes the King of the Geats. Beowulf reigned as King for fifty years as he bravely protected his kingdom from invaders and ensured safety to his citizens. In Beowulf’s 50th year as King, his last brave act is his face off with an angry dragon that terrorizes his kingdom. As he fights the Dragon with his right-hand man Wiglaf, Beowulf â€Å"rallies to use his knife and is able to cut into the monsters entrails, killing him. Realizing he is dying, Beowulf speaks h is final words as Wiglaf attempts to comfort him. which means that Beowulf manages to kill the Dragon even at his old age but also dies in the end. The killing of Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the Dragon prove thatShow MoreRelatedThe Epic Of Beowulf As An Epic Hero1519 Words   |  7 Pagesaway following a journey, you have most likely read an epic. An epic by definition is â€Å"a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation†. Every epic has a main character that undergoes the same archetypal journey as all other heroes, an epic hero. There are specific qualities one must have to be considered an epic hero. Each epic hero possesses superhuman strength, displays a strong sense ofRead MoreThe Epic Of Beowulf As An Epic Hero711 Words   |  3 Pagesthan the writer. These â€Å"epic heros† are protagonists that fulfill their potential of greatness throug h using their bravery, strength and humility for good. The near ancient tale of Beowulf is a classic example of an epic story that contains an epic hero. In this tale Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, has been terrorized by a beast known as Grendel. This beast has been murdering the king’s people and no one has come close to stopping this killer. A Geat warrior named Beowulf hears of the King’s predicamentRead MoreBeowulf : An Epic Hero930 Words   |  4 Pages The story of Beowulf shows its reader many characteristics of why this Anglo-Saxon poem is an epic. First of all, Beowulf is a warrior of epic renown by the time he formally introduces himself in the poem. Next, Beowulf is the warrior that many strive to be in life. In addition, Beowulf finds himself tackling many quests that involve dangerous beasts, or as he might call them, demons. The next quality shown by Beowulf is his bravery and honor. The reader is able to easily identify this characteristicRead MoreBeowulf, The Epic Hero1373 Words   |  6 Pages 2015 Beowulf, The Epic Hero In Anglo Saxon times, Beowulf is considered a well known epic hero. â€Å"Epic heroes are literary characters from ancient mythology and other stories, which were written down in the form of long, narrative epic poems. The hero is the main character, or protagonist of the poem†(Epic Hero: Definition, Characteristics Examples.). The epic hero usually battles for accomplishments to a set of tasks to complete important goals. Beowulf is described as an epic hero becauseRead MoreThe Epic Hero Of Beowulf866 Words   |  4 PagesAn epic hero is someone who is of great importance, they have supernatural abilities, have some form of connection with the Gods, and accomplish great deeds. In Beowulf, translated by Seamus Heaney, Beowulf is the epic hero in his tale and he is considered great by those who know of his life. There are two versions of his story which portrays him in a certain way. The video version does not do its best to portray him as an epic hero but instead show that he is a liar, a womanizer, and a coward. TheRead MoreBeowulf : An Epic Hero894 Words   |  4 Pages The character of Beowulf demonstrates several characteristics that make a great epic hero. Throughout his lifetime he displayed several characteristics such as honor, bravery, physical superiority, leadership, and glory. These characteristics all formed how the Anglo-Saxons believed one should live their life. Along with the valorous deeds that Beowulf accomplished he is considered to be a prime example of an epic hero. Beowulf would have even been considered a model human to the Anglo-SaxonsRead MoreBeowulf : An Epic Hero978 Words   |  4 Pages Beowulf is a character that exudes the qualities of an epic hero. Throughout this epic, Beowulf is seen as a hero to many and a major threat to the evils he encounters. The values of the Anglo-Saxons, who would have read and admired this poem, included loyalty, bravery, and honor. Beowulf’s character exemplifies all of these qualities to the highest degree. The values and traditions of the original composers of this story cause Beowulf’s character to be the perfect example of an Anglo-SaxonRead MoreBeowulf: an Epic Hero983 Words   |  4 PagesGauvain British Literature Beowulf Essay 9/22/04 Beowulf: An Epic Hero According to Abrams, the heroic poem is a long verse narrative on a serious subject, told in an elevated style, and centered on a heroic or quasi-divine figure on whose actions depends the fate of a tribe, a nation, or the human race. Beowulf fits Abrams description of an epic, exhibiting all of the characteristics listed throughout the book, thus defining Beowulf as a hero and making the book an epic through its elevatedRead MoreBeowulf, the Epic Hero1431 Words   |  6 PagesBeowulf, the Epic Hero There have been many grand stories about great warriors, and champions; those about epic heroes however, are the truly exceptional tales. One such tale, over a thousand years old, stands out from all the rest: Beowulf, the tale of a great warrior, on his quest to achieve eternal glory, defeating great opponents. Throughout the whole story, Beowulf demonstrates most –if not all- of the qualities that an archetypal hero possesses. He embodies the highest ideals of his cultureRead MoreBeowulf : The Epic Hero960 Words   |  4 PagesPotter, and Beowulf all have in common? They all demonstrate the qualities of epic heroes. Beowulf represents several characteristics of an epic hero and demonstrates the values of the Anglo-Saxons. He is the main character of his story, he has a main goal, he travels and fights with a group of people, and he accomplishes many valorous deeds; the values of the Anglo-Saxons are also shown through the actions of Beowulf, such as courage, loyalty, an d fame. For example, when Beowulf heard a cry

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Corporate Level Strategies - 3217 Words

Corporate Level Strategies Kinds of Grand Strategies: * Stability Strategies * Growth Strategies * Retrenchment Strategies * Combination Strategies Stability Strategies The basic approach is ‘maintain present course: steady as it goes.’ In an effective stability strategy, companies will concentrate their resources where the company presently has or can rapidly develop a meaningful competitive advantage in the narrowest possible product-market scope consistent with the firm’s resources and market requirements Types of Stability Strategies * No change strategy: * Firms adopting this strategy maintain the same level of operations * Small business firms desire satisfactory level of operations rather†¦show more content†¦* Forward integration took place at Modern Suiting when it diversified into worsted suiting. With an investment of Rs.7 crore, it acquired sulzer looms, sophisticated fabric processing facilities and other sophisticated equipments to manufacture a premium terry wool suiting with the brand name ‘Amadeus’. * Backward integration at Modern Woolens involved a collaboration with Schild of Switzerland for wool processing, combing, and woolen tops which are necessary for the production of woolen textiles. In this manner, a number of backward and forward linkages were being attempted within the Modern Group with the objective of raising the turnover to Rs.250 crore by 1992. Horizontal Integration * When an organization takes up the same type of products at the same level of production or marketing process, it is said to follow a strategy of horizontal integration * For Eg.: When a luggage company takes over its rivalShow MoreRelatedCorporate Level Strategy1199 Words   |  5 PagesAPPLE COMPUTER INC.: - CORPORATE-LEVEL STRATEGY REVIEW - A review on the strategy adopted by Apple Inc. at corporate level to ensure that the company remains at the forefront of the electronic media industry either in terms of innovation and range of products . EXECUTIVE SUMMARY An analysis was done on Corporate-Level Strategies adopted by Apple Computer Inc. (â€Å"Apple Computer†) that has brought tremendous success to the firm since it started. Apple Computer started off in 1976 by Steve JobsRead MoreCorporate Level Strategies3226 Words   |  13 PagesCorporate Level Strategies Kinds of Grand Strategies: * Stability Strategies * Growth Strategies * Retrenchment Strategies * Combination Strategies Stability Strategies The basic approach is ‘maintain present course: steady as it goes.’ In an effective stability strategy, companies will concentrate their resources where the company presently has or can rapidly develop a meaningful competitive advantage in the narrowest possible product-market scope consistent with the firm’s resourcesRead MoreBusiness Level And Corporate Level Strategies 1974 Words   |  8 Pagesï » ¿Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies   Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies   Analyze the business-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the business-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether or not you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion. The objective of this paper is to examine the business level and corporate level strategies for Edgar Company Apple Inc. It will evaluateRead MoreBusiness Level And Corporate Level Strategies2071 Words   |  9 PagesRunning head: BUSINESS-LEVEL AND CORPORATE-LEVEL STRATEGIES 1 BUSINESS-LEVEL AND CORPORATE-LEVEL STRATEGIES 9 Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies (Assignment 3) Michael D. Malone Professor: Mary McKee-May BUS 499 Business Administration Capstone 15 February 2016 Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Abstract In order for a business or corporation to grow and expandRead MoreBusiness Level And Corporate Level Strategies1899 Words   |  8 PagesAssignment 3: Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies For this assignment I have chosen the restaurant industry and the Burger King Corporation. Burger King focuses on the customers they serve to keep their business running. It is my opinion from everything that I have read that Burger King uses more of the integrated cost leadership/Differentiation business strategy. I say this because the textbook states that companies that use this type of strategy usually have a goal in mind to sellRead MoreBusiness Level and Corporate Level Strategies3075 Words   |  13 PagesRunning Head: Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies Geri E. Shaffer Professor: Luke White Business Admin Capstone (BUS 499) Strayer University, Charleston Campus 7 September 2014 1 Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies 2 Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies Analyze the business-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the businesslevel strategy you think is most important to the long-termRead MoreThe International Corporate Level Strategy1078 Words   |  5 Pagesworldwide operations. The International corporate level strategy consists of three types of strategies which are the multi-domestic, transnational and global strategy. In 1999, PG’s corporate level strategy strays from a multi-domestic strategy and becomes a transnational strategy when implementing the O2005 restructuring program. Demand conditions heavily impact PG’s International strategy. PG slowly moved their corporate level strategy to a multi-domestic strategy when PG had their country based organizationsRead MoreBusiness and Corporate Level Strategies1881 Words   |  8 PagesSTRATEGY BUSINESS AND CORPORATE LEVEL STRATEGIES Strategy is a tool to prepare and implement plans in time to come. The business level strategy guides an organization, UBA in this case, to analyze its competitive environment and understand its clients, suppliers and competitors. The corporate level strategy helps decide which business areas to operate in and which markets to enter remain or quit. It tells about the level of diversification that suits business. In educational sector, an organizationRead MoreBusiness-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Essay2181 Words   |  9 PagesBusiness-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Tammie Bennett Professor Melissa Ekberg BUS499 Business Administration Capstone May 15, 2013 In this paper I will discuss Macy’s Incorporated by analyzing their business level strategies to determine which I think is the most important to their long term success and if I think it is a good choice. I will analyze their corporate level strategies to determine which I think is the most important and whether or not I believe it is a good choice.Read MoreCase Study : Corporate Level Strategy1234 Words   |  5 Pages99836 Chapter 9 1) Corporate level strategy is afraid with the strategic decisions a business makes that affect the entire organization. Financial performance, unions and achievements, human resource management and the distribution of resources are considered part of corporate level strategy. Usually senior manager makes strategy decision at corporate level. Units are identified as cost centers, profit centers or investment centers. Essentially, this suggests that corporate objectives can be broken

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Essay on My Examination as a Writer - 550 Words

My Examination as a Writer The process of examining me as a writer is not easy. Writing, for me, has never been an easy task. Many times I sat for hours contemplating my blank piece of paper just trying to figure out how to begin to write the creative writing assignment due in a few days for my high school English class. I knew that learning to write well took patience and practice, much like learning any other skill. I remember the long hard hours I spent developing my skills as a skateboarder. I knew that I had to find the same attitude to develop my writing skills. I knew also that I wanted to continue my education and pursue a law degree. Definitely my writing skills had to be developed. This September I†¦show more content†¦However, this semester has truly allowed me to develop my confidence as a writer. I was not asked to write something out of nothing. The writing tasks have generated from already written selections. I have come to understand that reading and writing are interrelated. By becoming a better reader, I become a better writer. Reading is, thus, a springboard to writing. This semester reading has provided the guidelines for my writing assignments. I had to analyze something already written, internalize the meaning and re-write it in my own words. This strategy gave me the assurance I needed to develop my English writing skills. I have grown in vocabulary and I have grown in my ability to express my ideas. Reading and then writing in response to that reading gave me confidence because my response was my creation. Each person is unique in his/her manner of expression, thereby, producing unique pieces of writing. Throughout my college courses, I know that I will be called on to do much writing in response to material read. I will have to analyze the ideas presented by different authors and react to them using my own words. I will also be asked to respond to literary works and I may, perhaps, have to do creative writing of many kinds. This is the beginning of a lifelong program of reading and writing. I know that it is a sustained process of recursive reading and writing where I will constantly evaluate myShow MoreRelatedPhysical Assessment On The Basis Of Comfort, Health Promotion And Health Prevention924 Words   |  4 Pagesbasis of comfort, health promotion and health prevention. In this paper writer divide each segment and in the first portion explain about the physical environment and its relation to the comfort of a patent and explains about the writers experience. In following sections writer describes about health promotion, prevention and health professionals role and pr onounces clinician’s practice with the writer. In the final section writer critique about closing encounter and concluded with recommendation thatRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?908 Words   |  4 Pages when I was young and studied in elementary school, I was good at mathematics. It was a normal thing for me to distract in the mathematics class. However, I could finish the homework very easily and get a grade that would make my parents smile. I was never worried about my mathematics. And this experience made me consider that I had the talent for mathematics. When I was twelve years old, I left elementary school and I became a middle school student. At the beginning, I was always distracted inRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effect On Our Lives1612 Words   |  7 Pagesthe fact that there are a couple negative perspectives about phones, my exploration and my paper are going to mostly the profits of Pdas in the United States of America. My exploration concentrates on a few key regio ns in wireless correspondence, for example, the advancement of Pdas, content informing, Pdas and other PDA applications and in addition my own particular exploration including a overview that I dispersed to some of my colleagues. The main phone was much not quite the same as what we haveRead MoreRole of Music in My Life1518 Words   |  7 PagesMusic plays a vital role in my life. I love listening to music and it’s become one of my hobbies since I’m in my primary school. I had been exposed to music since I’m at kindergarten. I do a lot of performance that are related with music when I’m in my school age and I really enjoy it. I can say that music has become part of my life. Even in kindergarten, I had been taught by music such as ABC’s song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday song, If You Are Happy and others. There are so manyRead More Consider Why Visions of the Future are Common in Literature. Make1565 Words   |  7 Pagesbeliefs and will not accept any form of criticism whatsoever. Not only will people not accept opinions on a particular matter, but it is also a risky and not socially accepted thing to do. For this reason writers cannot just write criticism and publish it. To avoid any type of conflict writers often base their novels or stories in a futuristic point of view to criticize actual society yet doing so indirectly. We can see this in The Chrysalids as the author criticizes two aspects of mankind:Read MoreStudying Law And The Attainment Of Sound Legal958 Words   |  4 Pageshas been undoubtedly the most gainful experience of my educational pursuits. The first year of study has afforded not only substantive knowledge of fundamental areas of the law, but also the rigor of the first year has helped to develop skills indispensable to the attainment of sound legal scholarship. Specifically, the considerable amount of reading required to establish a foundation of legal understanding has incidentally improved my time management, helped to fashion an efficient meansRead MoreWhat Exam Really Say?1473 Words   |  6 PagesWhat Examinations Really Say? Everyone probably has that experience of unexpected failing. Habits are largely routine -- academic habits especially. And the fear is not the memory of a fear becoming true, but being afraid of what could occur down the road. Examinations are particularly relevant to this kind of fear. When applying for jobs, to institutions of higher learning, for a driver’s permit, the fear is not connected to anything you have done, but to what you might have neglected to do. DidRead MoreMy Journey As A Writer1091 Words   |  5 Pageslook hackneyed but it holds a profound meaning. In order to become a good writer, one is expected to have two key elements in achieving it; discipline and hard work. People always say, â€Å"without discipline and hard work, it will be hard for a person to truly sharpen and discover his or her true talents.† I thought these characters were the only things I needed to become a good writer, but I was wrong. My journey as a writer in both native and fore ign languages thought me about some life lessons otherRead MoreBenjamin Franklins Arriving at Perfection Essay953 Words   |  4 Pageswith in my Reading, I found the Catalogue more or less numerous, as different Writers included more or fewer Ideas under the same Name. When reading this sentence, it can feel like a mouthful to say all at once. If the sentence is broken down and explained, it is not that hard to understand. Broken down the sentence means: in all the various lists that Benjamin Franklin read about, he found that the catalogue of virtues used the same virtue with different meanings than the other writers. He continuesRead MoreNorth Eastern Chinese Stereotypes Essay1064 Words   |  5 Pagesalways a challenge to me. Before I entered English Composition 2I class, my writing skill is not strong. Grammar, especially, is my weakest point. Although for now, I may not come up with an essay with zero grammar mistakes, I indeed believe that my grammar improves a lot. I also learned how to better structure my paper by logically orientating my paragraphs. I learned that I need bridging sentences and transitional phrases to make my paper flow better. I learned several strategies about writing introduction

A Quick View at the Twnetieth Century United States up to...

The publication medium of print established political awareness for adults, yet captured the attention of youth. Political cartoons impose variations of opinion by showcasing another nation inadequacies in war, subjecting other countries to blame for World War II. In the political cartoons entitled: Daddy, What Did You Do in the Great War, a little blonde girl and her brother seem to be having family time with their father. The cartoon is illustrated to capture a brief pause between the daughter’s question and the father’s response, as the father appears startled by the question and unprepared for the response. (Lumley) Being that blonde hairiness is associated with â€Å"All-Americaness,† the children represent the patriotic values the father lacks. The father’s different colored hair, paired with his facial expression, hints his shame complimented by his hand on his chin and the down turn of his lips, the daughter look to him for an answer. She holds a b ook of what is implied source of her question. Being that the title is positioned below the son and away from the father’s face, the illustrator wanted to advert the audience’s eyes to his face, to his daughter, to his son, and then to the title. With the son toying with army soldiers and the daughter reading a book, the Great War unifies the two children, but differentiates them from their father. As they recognize the call of what is an American during, patriotism. The universal medium of photography so dad and efficient

Health Economics and Comparative Health-

Question: Discuss about theHealth Economics and Comparative Health. Answer: Introduction The burden of asthma is fur felt not only in Australia but also globally with many countries developing strategies to tackle this economic challenge. The economics of asthma is related to the cost that is attributed to management, medication and other indirect costs that also contributes to the economic impact of asthma felt on the population of Australia. This is also similar to other countries and globally as asthma becomes global disease (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 2014). Asthma cause lifelong condition that needs high medical attention in the life of a person diagnosed with uncontrolled asthma. Studies indicate that asthma affects people from all walks of life cutting across all genders and age groups within a population. For instance, data shows that children under the age of 5 years experience the incidence of asthma at the rate of 23 per 1000 each year. This is also true to those aged between 12 and 17 that has an incidence of 44 per 1000 annually. Given these number of patients suffering from asthma the productivity of such individuals is related to their health status at the workplace. This is based on the fact that those patients affected with the burden of asthma are unproductive as compared those healthy ones. When making a comparison with other countries, there are similarities in terms of cost related to management of uncontrolled asthma and the challenges it poses to the productivity of each individual (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2015). Body Economics of asthma in Australia The economic burden of asthma can be explored based on the cost that can be attributed to asthma. This cost can be categorized into direct cost, indirect cost and intangible cost that is also associated with the burden of uncontrolled asthma. Direct cost The direct cost of uncontrolled asthma includes the cost of asthma management, treatment cost, and other direct costs. The cost of asthma management refers to all the cost that is attributed to the cost that is required for medication when the patient visited the doctor for medical services. The economics of asthma in Australia indicates that asthma is one of the diseases that have overburden patients leading to loss of funds through management. For instance, the data available indicates that the cost for prescribed pharmaceuticals in 2015 alone total to $263 per person in Australia (NHIS, 2012). This statistics also differs depending on different age groups across the population that affected by the burden of asthma. The direct cost associated with asthma can also be studied based on the cost incurred when patients are admitted to the hospital. Many Australians suffering from asthma often spend a huge amount of money for inpatients. Patients are admitted to hospitals that may be private or public hospitals under high expenditure that is estimated to be more than $102 per person within Australia annually. The cost of hospital admission is also high given that about 3.8% of the adults are admitted with asthma-related complications as compared to 4.9% cases of children. This cost also considers the number of admissions experienced within the emergency departments where most patients sometimes are admitted as primary care. Of the total number of patients admitted in the emergency department children mostly age between o-18 years account for 3.5 % (Reddel et al, 2012). Indirect cost associated with uncontrolled asthma The burden of uncontrolled asthma can also be studied based on the indirect cost include work-related costs, early mortality costs. Firstly, asthma patients have work-related problems that are also connected frequent hospital admission and medication. Work-related issues as an indirect cost of the asthma burden are felt in many sectors throughout Australia leading to low productivity of those patients. The reduction of productivity of those people diagnosed with asthma especially due to continuous medication results in economic challenges not only at the family level but also at the industry level. Secondly, the early mortality rate is also common among those patients diagnosed with acute asthma. The mortality of asthma reduces the number of people that would otherwise productive leading to the economic sabotage. Moreover, the mortality of the patients with uncontrolled asthma causes the families to lose a huge amount of funds in the event that patients under heavy medication die (Ma rks et al, 2007). Intangible cost of uncontrolled asthma Intangible costs of uncontrolled asthma include quality of life, pain, limited physical activities and job changes. Firstly, one of the intangible costs that are associated with asthma is the poor quality of life that indirectly affects the economic productivity of the patient. Uncontrolled asthma generally attached to the poor quality of life as patients continuously under medication and often are under emergency hospital admission. The poor quality of life is also common due to other health-related problems. Secondly, asthma complications are also associated with pain as patients require frequent hospitalization and medication. Thirdly, limited physical activities are another intangible cost that is also associated with the burden of asthma. Asthma reduces the physical body activities that also make the patient experience other health-related problems. The reduced body activities are also characterized by the low economic productivity of those individuals with uncontrolled asthma ( Lai et al, 2013). The cost of comorbidities The asthma is also characterized by many comorbidities that also has similar cost as the cost of asthma itself. The impact due to comorbidity is highly felt in areas with minimal or limited primary health care. This due to the inability of the patient to treat or have medication to tackle the diseases related to asthma. Some of the comorbidity that is linked to asthma includes psychiatric diseases, rhinitis, cardiac diseases and sleep apnea. For instance, 10% of asthma patients have sinusitis while 60% of these asthma patients also have rhinitis. In order to control asthma, there is need to control the comorbidity thereby affecting the cost of managing asthma. Moreover, asthma complications often result in high treatments that are similar or reaching the cost of asthma. This implies control of comorbidity to the level of less than 50% will control asthma to the same level (Yelin, et al, 2007). Parties that bear the cost of asthma This cost or burden of asthma is distributed across various parties within the stakeholder's categories. Firstly, the federal government bears the cost or burden of asthma diseases based on the MBS and PBS programs run by the government. It is estimated that the two programs cost a total of $515.6 million per year to fund this initiative (Masoli, Fabian, Holt Beasley, 2008). Secondly, the cost of asthma is also felt by the state or territory governments that fund various hospitals bearing the cost of treating asthma-related disease. This is estimated to cost over $335 million annually depending on the number of hospitals funded each year. Thirdly, individuals and families of those patients also bear the cost through spending on medications and hospital admissions co-payments. This is also a huge payment that can be estimated to near $221.7 million per year. Lastly, another group that also bears the cost that attributed to asthma are private health insurance and charities that also t ake part in funding asthma-related expenditures and this can be estimated to cost more than $173.1 million per year (Stow et al, 2007). Economic of impact of asthma Based on the evidence of asthma burden on both the family and economy, in general, all the direct, indirect and intangible cost of asthma burden or cost has an impact on the economy of Australia. This economic impact can be felt at personal, family and at national (Masoli, Fabian, Holt Beasley, 2008). At the personal level, the economic impact of asthma is very severe that leaves some individual facing high economic challenges. The cost of management and medication of asthma poses an economic threat to personal finances as many funds are directed to treatment and management of asthma. Asthma mortality has a high economic impact on the countrys economy since the mortality causes the death of productive and economically viable population (National Asthma Council Australia, 2015). At the family level, the economic impact of asthma is heavily felt as most family members normally contribute their finance to the last penny. For instance, it is projected that asthma kills more than 180000 annually. This has a high impact on the overall productivity since some this people dying from asthma or asthma-related deaths reduce the number of employees (Masoli, Fabian, Holt Beasley, 2008). At the national level, the impact of asthma is severe due to a reduction in the productivity resulting from more absenteeism. The reduction of the number of absenteeism resulting from asthma-related hospital admission or asthma-related complications. Data indicate that asthma patients normally report high absenteeism from work and this has a high economic impact on the overall productivity. Based on the evidence on the cost of asthma in case of limited finance, most of the families that are unable to manage asthma resulting to poverty and economic challenges to such families and individuals. At the national level, the impact of asthma can also be extended to the global level where the disease has been expressed as a matter of concern. And this is due to its economic impact at the global level. The burden of asthma in the United States of America is quite similar to Australia A data from the United States of America shows a similar case of asthma to Australia though the number is a little different. In America, the number of patients diagnosed with asthma is estimated to be over 40 million translating to 8% of the total population. The prevalence of asthma is currently around 18% and this number is almost the same globally (Mukherjee et al, 2014). The asthma is associated with an economic burden that cut across the entire age groups. The number of those patients with uncontrolled is worrying due to the continuously increasing number of those patients. By 2011 the total expenditure on asthma-related complications or medications is estimated to be $56 billion increasing from $12 billion in 1994. This in general shows that the medical expenditure for asthma patients is much higher as compared to patients with other diseases. This is due to continuous spending that is common for those patients with asthma as compared to those patients with other diseases (Sul livan et al, 2014). Direct cost for asthma The expenditure of asthma within the United States can be broken down based on different periods of time. The expenditure for each year includes increases by $5322 from $3802 during the period between 2004 and 2006 as compared to between 1996 and 1998 (Jang, Gary, Huang Sullivan, 2013). This was represented by actual costs of $861 to $1174 as compared to $974 to $ 2010. The cost of burden resulting from asthma continues to increase each year in a huge amount. Increasing spending due to medication is cited in all instances as the driver for the high cost of asthma management. This is also different when compared to the cost attributed to emergency or hospitalization cost in general. The direct cost when hospital admission is evaluated shows that 20% of patients with asthma get admitted into hospital facilities at the rate of 3.6 days per hospital (Qin et al, 2012). Indirect cost associated with asthma The indirect cost that is associated with asthma is common with a reduced number of days that most employees are absent from work each year. For instance, during the period of 2002 to 2007, a total of $56 billion productivity losses were lost due to morbidity coupled with another $3.8 billion loss due to mortality of employees. This show the tremendous loses due to absenteeism or mortality of the employee caused by asthmatic related complications in the United States. The poor quality of life is another indirect cost that is associated with asthma medication or management. A life full of comorbidity and exacerbation of asthma symptoms that necessitate the need for medication hospital visits. This reduces the productivity of such individual thereby reducing companys production as employees suffering from asthma are paid though has limited hospital commitments (Lee et al, 2011). United Kingdom The United Kingdom is another country that can be compared to Australia when comparing the burden of asthma. The economics of asthma in the United Kingdom differs abet from that of Australia since the health structure in the UK can allow the patient to restrict constraints resulting from the cost of diseases such as asthma. In the United Kingdom, asthma is treated as the primary cause of budget burden witnessed within the primary health care system. This cost is also coupled with over 4 million consultations by medical personnel each year. In the UK it is estimated that over 400 patients are admitted to the hospital facilities with asthma-related issues that require medication and subsequently huge payment. This number translates to combine effort of over 330000 people affected by patients with asthma annually. Upon evaluating the economic implication of the number, nearly over $5 billion is dedicated to treatment or management of asthma and asthma-related complications. The governme nt, on the other hand, is estimated to fund the health service through the amount estimated to cost over $ billion. Similarly, 50% of the total expenditure on the management of uncontrolled asthma among the population is contributed by patients and their families (Mukherjee et al, 2014). The indirect cost of asthma The effect of asthma and the economics of asthma within the United Kingdom can be directly compared to that of Australia though the two countries are dissimilar. The economics of asthma reveals a worrying trend in the employment sectors as many employees with asthma have reduced the number of working days per year. When calculated in terms of working days the number of working days that are lost each year total to about 20 million. Secondly, patients with asthma sometimes show an inability to work or premature disabilities despite the low mortality rate in the United Kingdom. Early mortality is also common in the country as compared to Australia. The overage absenteeism is 5.6 days for those patients treated at home as compared to 13 days that are lost due to hospitalization (GBD 2015 Mortality and Causes of Death, Collaborators, 2016). Comparison health analysis There are many similarities on the economic impact of asthma in Australia and United States. Firstly, both direct costs are similar and this shows that direct cost includes medication that is felt on the treatment of asthma patients (Miles Peters, 2014). Secondly, the structure laid out in the health management of asthma in American presents many similarities. However, the United Kingdom being another country facing the similar economic impact of asthma has a dissimilar structure as most of the asthma medication is directed using insurance and funding organizations that offload the burden of asthma (Azevedo et al, 2014). For instance, in the United Kingdom, a reasonable amount of money is devoted to the consultation services as compared to the Australian asthma economics that has the huge amount of money devoted to treatment and management of asthma. Rebuttal Despite the economic challenges caused by asthma, there are also ways to reduce these economic impacts of asthma on health system and country in general. Two strategies to ensure that there is reduction of the economic impact of asthma on population include prevention and early treatment (GINA, 2014). Firstly, early treatment for patients diagnosed with asthma is one way to reduce economic impact of asthma since it reduces the number of comorbidities associated with asthma. Secondly, there are a number of preventive strategies that are been laid down to reduce the economic impact of asthma that is felt due to uncontrolled asthma. This strategy has been developed by the government through health care department though the overall plan remains a challenge to implement (Stow et al, 2007). Conclusion In conclusion, the economic burden of the uncontrolled asthma is felt both at the national level and at the global level. Asthma is a condition that results in poor quality of life characterized by continuous medication and hospitalization leading to low economic productivity. Asthma burden is also felt due to its mortality that makes the family lose economically viable individuals. Uncontrolled asthma has direct cost, indirect cost, intangible costs and cost attributed to treating of comorbidity. This cost has both direct and indirect economic impact on the family finances and to some extent the economics of Australia. The comparison analysis indicates that there are many similar costs attributed to uncontrolled asthma that can be felt in Australia and America. The situation is different in the United Kingdom, where there is health care system structure laid down that is different from that of Australia. Reference Azevedo L.F., et al, (2014), Operational definitions of asthma in recent epidemiological studies are inconsistent. Clin Transl Allergy, 4:24. Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), (2014), Global strategy for asthma management and prevention. Update 2014 and Online Appendix. 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